The PrealpinaTannery:
certified quality

A future-oriented historic company

The company was founded in 1969 by the Baldisserotto family in the heart of the Chiampo Valley, and nowadays it is managed by siblings Giuseppe, Raffaella and Enrico Baldisserotto. The Prealpina Tannery combines tanning experience, craftsmanship and innovation to create the quality that is expected in today’s world.

Industrial efficiency and hand-made quality

Prealpina has remained on the cutting edge in terms of research for new technologies and the purchase of latest-generation machinery, optimizing its productivity through continued investment over the years. Today, the company has several production sites and thanks to its expert technical team, it can deal with the entire leather processing cycle. One of its great strengths is having their own internal laboratory, as it allows chemical-physical analyses to be performed on the finished product, ensuring that the quality standards required by customer specifications are always met.






Prealpina srl

Via Lago di Garda 2,
36072 Chiampo (VI) - Italia
C.F./P.IVA 02630900245


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